Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Crest Hill Development Opportunities

Exploring New Developments
Recently, Olivieri Brothers met with the City of Crest Hill to review development opportunities along the Weber Road corridor.  We visited several sites prime for business, residential and industrial development.  This area has great economic potential and multiple development opportunities with close proximity to I-55, Joliet and Romeoville.........
Frankfort Library has grown
The Frankfort Public Library District hired Olivieri Brothers Archtiects once again to design a 9,000 square foot addition that meets the ever-evolving technological and programmatic needs of the 21st century library.  The addition is home to a public computer lab; a learning lab/classroom; three new study rooms; and a 1,500+ square foot meeting room which can be divided into two halves.......
Recycling - what you need to know
For many of us, we feel like we are doing our part by regularly recycling paper and aluminum cans, and each week taking our box of recycling to the curb or drop off center.  However, consider the amount of materials that went into the construction of your......
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