Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Architects Expanding

Olivieri Brothers, Inc.
Glenn Laaspere

Hiring of Glenn Laaspere
In October, Olivieri Brothers, Inc. hired a new employee, Glenn Laaspere.  Glenn is a recent graduate of the University of Miami (FL) with a Master's Degree in Architecture.  He received dual undergraduate degrees from Lehigh University in both Architecture and Environmental Studies.  He is an accredited LEED Green Associate and member of the American Institute of Architects.  In addition to working at Olivieri Brothers, Glenn is the sole owner and operator of an advanced sports statistics and analytics website  We're thrilled to have Glenn's design perspective and invaluable information technology skills as part of our team!
St. Peter's United Church of Christ Renovations
 Construction recently began to renovate one of Frankfort's most historic buildings: St. Peter's United Church of Christ.  

In a few short months, the church will be equipped with new handicap accessible restrooms and a modern full-sized elevator.  As the architects, it was equally important to produce a design that met all of the owner's needs while also planning for a construction process that would protect and preserve the Church's beautiful interior.  
We designed a temporary wall to conceal, contain and support the entire scope of work.  This allows the church to continue to operate under almost normal conditions while also protecting the existing building from the dust and debris of active construction.