Thursday, February 14, 2013

Breidert's Green Stage - Design Competition Entry

The Village of Frankfort recently invited several architects to submit design ideas for the renovation to the Breidert’s Green Stage in downtown Frankfort, IL.  Olivieri Brothers prepared the following designs and submitted a formal proposal to the Village.

Breidert’s Green is the heart of the downtown, and the stage is a focal point to many events.  The existing stage is showing its age, does not have proper roof coverage, and is in need of upgrades to accommodate performance equipment.

The site is long and fairly narrow.  This allows for spectators to sit anywhere on the green, bike path, or sidewalks, and still view the stage.  Olivieri Brothers responded to this by re-centering the stage, and providing minimal columns to decrease the amount of obstructions.  The existing fire pit has been relocated, adding to the existing memorials, and a paved area for accessible seating is also shown.

Being part of the downtown, the stage also needs to blend into the architecture and style of the surrounding buildings, adding a touch of Frankfort to the performance.  These sketches are our ideas on how to respond to the architectural context of the Green.

We are excited for the opportunity to present our designs to the Village.  We enjoy working on projects that enhance the communities they serve, and this project plays a key role in the heart of Frankfort.  Selections on the final design and architect are made by a selection committee through the Village of Frankfort.