Monday, October 15, 2012


Everyone likes to crack a window on a nice day.  But as the seasons change, you may be reluctant to let in the cold.  Your building still needs fresh air, so what do you do?  Having a properly sized HVAC system is critical to maintaining indoor air quality.  A properly designed system will bring in adequate outdoor air, condition it, and deliver to the space, no matter the temperature or weather outside.  Olivieri Brothers, Architects will help you understand your building's systems and integrate them into the design to make sure you have a beautiful project and a healthy building.


jack lance said...

Agreed, Main purpose of commercial HVAC systems are to deal with healthy indoor quality of business environment. You can do nothing about smog, bacteria and outdoor pollutions apart from breathing. But once you are in your premises, you can easily get fresh air. It`s healthier to breathe in clean and bacteria free air.

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